Our Partners

This fall, we are continuing to work with the organizations that started it all. We are be conducting a pilot test with The Olive Branch for Children and continuing to collaborate with MIT students through the MIT D-Lab. 

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THe Olive Branch for Children

The Olive Branch for Children is a community-led grassroots organization in Tanzania. We have expanded organically into a grassroots organization by listening to the communities, working with the government and filling in the gaps where current government programming has been unable to reach. We have been operating in the Mbarali District since 2005, establishing long-term partnerships with community members and village leaders, focusing on community-led development programs. The main objective of TOBFC is to help remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs such as health and education, and establish programs designed to assist the most vulnerable in those communities.

Today, TOBFC works in over 40 communities in the Mbarali District, providing critical support that enables these communities to work together, grow and flourish. We are the only organization, aside from the government, operating in these remote villages. Our programs include:

  • Mobile Medical Clinics

  • Montessori Programs

  • Financial Autonomy Program

  • 2 Children Education Centres

  • Kick-It Mobile Library

  • Food Support Program

  • Home Based Care Program

  • Kubuni Centre and Collaborative

  • The Olive Learners Montessori Academy

  • Construction Projects

Interested in sponsoring or donating to one of our projects directly, click here.

The Olive Branch has recently begun expanding into social innovation and entrepreneurship to ensure financial sustainability of the organization. This is seen in the opening of our Kubuni Centre and Collaborative in September 2017.

Kubuni (to create in Kiswahili) serves as a platform to support local capacity building, innovation and knowledge sharing with the aims of creating equal opportunities for Tanzanians, and bridging the gap in knowledge production through practical applications. The Kubuni Centre is our innovation hub providing the industrial space and capacity building to entrepreneurs in Mbeya Region. Focused on community empowerment, the Kubuni Centre, provides the skills, resources and physical space for Tanzanians to realize their innovative ideas.

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/theolivebranchforchildren/

The Olive Branch and Kubuni Centre accepts skilled volunteers, contact us directly to know more about opportunities. We are ALWAYS looking for more partnerships to expand our operations out of the Kubuni Centre, interested? Email our Volunteer and Donors Relation Manager at: aenephew@gmail.com



MIT D-Lab works with people around the world to develop and advance collaborative approaches and practical solutions to global poverty challenges. The mission is pursued through our academics program of more than 20 MIT courses and student research and fieldwork opportunities; our research groups spanning a variety of sectors and approaches; and a group of participatory innovation programs we call innovation practice.

D-Lab approaches international development with a design mindset, as is reflected in our guiding principles:

  • Use inclusive practices when designing FOR people living in poverty

  • Engage in effective co-creation when designing WITH people living in poverty

  • Build confidence and capacity to promote design BY people living in poverty

In following these principles, MIT D-Lab is re-thinking the role of technology and design in development, has empowered thousands to address the daily challenges of poverty through design, prototyping, production, and social entrepreneurship, and is reshaping the way that development is practiced. Key mentors include Matt McCambridge, Ralf Hotchkiss, and Gwyn Jones.