Emily Young


Emily graduated from MIT in mechanical engineering with a concentration in Global Product Design. She leads ambulance and manufacturing process.


Sade Nabahe


Sade graduated from MIT in mechanical engineering with a specialty in international development. She leads operations and works on ambulance design challenges.


Eva Boal

co-founder, cfo

Eva graduated from MIT with degrees in Management Science and Math with Computer Science. She is leading the design of the business plan and operational logistics.


Jimmie Harris

Mechanical engineer

Jimmie graduated from MIT in Mechanical Engineering,  and is currently pursuing a masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. He has experience building race cars through MIT. He leads ambulance suspension designs.


Deborah McCracken

Project mentor and co-founder

Deborah is the founder of The Olive Branch for Children, the organization that Okoa stemmed out of. She manages everything on the ground and helps with community outreach and testing.



Project Creator and support

MIT D-Lab helped create this project through the D-Lab Design class in Spring of 2016. D-Lab is a part of MIT that focuses on Engineering related to International Development. Key mentors include Matt McCambridge, Ralf Hotchkiss, and Gwyn Jones.