Emily Young

president, Technology

Emily Young graduated with a degree in 2018 Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Global Product Design. She is the team’s multifaceted creative, functioning as both our engineer and cartoonist. She was on the original D-Lab team in Spring 2016 and has worked on Okoa part time throughout school and internships. Her previous experiences include work in product design at Magic Leap and Autodesk designing mechanical systems, as well as working part time for Limbforge, a start-up making low cost prosthetics in Haiti, as a Mechanical Engineer.


Sade Nabahe

Secretary, Project Management and Technology

Sade Nabahe graduated with a degree in 2017 in Mechanical Engineering, and has worked on development projects for communities in Peru, Lesotho, and India. Sade worked on Okoa part time since the original class throughout college and leads project management and product testing. Her previous work experiences include Intel, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and most recently, Fundación Chile where she collaborated on an ocean energy cost and supply chain analysis study.


Eva Boal

Treasurer, Development and Implementation

Eva Boal graduated MIT in 2018 with degrees in Management Science and Math with Computer Science. She found her passion in studying domestic and international social enterprises and varying factors that have lead them to success, leading to her joining the team in Spring 2017. She leads business and financial development. Her previous experiences include internships at Oliver Wyman and Goldman Sachs, as well as Development Coordinator for Camp Kesem.


Jimmie Harris


Jimmie graduated MIT in 2017 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently a first year master's student in Stanford’s Design Impact program. He has strong mechanical design background with experience in designing electro-mechanical structures for hydroelectric turbines, developing composite manufacturing plans, and race car suspension and composite design. As a co-lead for the MIT FSAE team, he led a team of 20 students to design and build an electric car for the FSAE University International Competition.


Deborah McCracken

Tanzania team—Project mentor and co-founder

Director of The Olive Branch for Children, who has over 13 years of experience beginning and running the grassroots organization in rural Usangu Plains. Allison Nephew is the Kubuni Centre Manager, and oversees daily operations and recruits youths to work with us.


Joseph Mbwiga


Manager of the in country team, oversees operations, human resources, and implementation in the 5 villages that we are operating in for the Mbarali District in Mbeya, Tanzania.

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