Our Vision

Connecting people to the medical care they need.


The Reality

Transportation is one of the top two reasons people around the world are unable to receive medical care. The funds and vehicles do not exist in rural areas to navigate the terrain to the clinic without exacerbating health issues. The number of fatalities, crippling injuries and neglected treatments resulting from these problems are unknown, but the maternal mortality rates can presents a window to the problem -- 830 women die of preventable pregnancy complications each day, 99% of them in developing countries.

Our Approach

We were born from a collaboration of engineers and community leaders, and approach our solutions with the same mindset. We apply engineering principles within local contexts, focusing on co-creating solutions that improve community outcomes and individual growth.

We focus on increasing access to healthcare in rural communities by applying engineering principles in context to create solutions that integrate into the realities of existing infrastructure. With community involvement throughout the research, design and implementation process, we collaborate to create sustainable and realistic solutions. Along the way, we involve youth from all over the world for capacity building, creating opportunities for individual growth.

The Result

Through engaging hundreds of stakeholders at every level of involvement, we have created a motorcycle ambulance trailer that can turn any motorcycle into a life saving device. It attaches to the back of a motorcycle and can carry essential medical supplies, a patient in a removable stretcher, and passenger so that no one has to go alone.